“True essence of Indian Vedic Astrology”

Inidan Vedic Astrology has become a part of day-to-day,in most of the walks of life the guideline from Astrology is being taken as consultation. Where as the true-essence of Indian Vedic Astrology is in it’s implementation with those specialized Vedic Mantra’s used for Navgraha Vedic Anushthan. In ancient times our Rishi-Muni’s worked on these specialized Anushthan/Poojan and they achieved…what they desired for.

According to the Indian Vedic Astrology’s recommendations the Janmkundli is made to take look at the future and is to be used as the Guide-card to perform the Navgraha Vedic Anushthan,with that the graha’s with negative effects are satisfied and the graha’s with positive effects are enriched to obtained the optimum results from the yoga’s present in the Janmkundli.

Vedic Mantra’s have powerfull, specialized sound-frequency with positive effect’s in various fields by them the wishes,desires are full-filled. This has been the reason there are many such Atharv-Veda’s Anushthan are recommended .For example following are a few such Vedic Anushthan:-

  1. Vyapar Vraddhi Anushthan.
  2. Pushkal Dhan Prapti Anushthan.
  3. Rajya Sevayam Niyukti avam Nirantarta Prapti Anushthan.
  4. Raksha Kawach Anushthan.
  5. Ojo Balam Anushthan.
  6. Dhan Praparnam(shares)Labh Prapti Anushthan.
  7. Navgraha Akshat Kundli Anushthan.

These Vedic Anushthan are based on the details of Janmkundli and performed at Ujjain,time duration 4 to 5 hours in a day.

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