Pooja is nothing but to worshiping God, the purpose of worship may differ, some do it for salvation, some do it for thanks giving, some do it as a daily routine due to customs and traditions or to avoid some kind of fear. But every one does it for seeking or getting some thing. To worship God for seeking something and to protect themselves by negative effects of planets, the Vedic Scriptures and Jyotish Shashtra has prescribed several poojas and Anusthans, to eradicate the negative effects of planets. If these Poojas/Anusthans are performed by well qualified Vedic Pandits, they give the magical results. Pt. Vijay Rawal has proved himself by performing thousand of Poojas/Anusthans of his local clients as well as foreign clients.. Details of various effective pooja’s and Anushthan:-

Navgraha Vedic Anushthan

Vyapar Vraddhi Anushthan : (Aharv / Yaju. Veda)

To expand business in certain area’s, for ample growth and development of business and for the success of the organization.

Kamna Purti Anushthan (Aharv / Yaju. Veda)

For certain products / Projects success and to achieve certain goals within time limit, with sources available.

Ozo-balam Anushthan (Aharv / Yaju. Veda)

For development of knowledge, skills of all associated to the organization. For concentration, dedication of all associated to the organization. This Anushthan helps in R&D, Marketing, Sales and other related departments success.

Raksha Kavach Anushthan (Aharv / Yaju. Veda)

To provide safety and shelter from legislation matters, competitors threat, other problems and calamities.

Rajya Seva Niyukti Avam Nirantarta Prapti Anushthan (Aharv/Yaju. Veda)

To get knowledgeable, skilled, devoted, loyal and responsible person’s to serve the organization and to continue their services with organization.

To achieve overall high success of the organization in all the departments of Manufacturing, Planning, Distribution, Marketing, Sales and Financial Matters.
Navgraha Vedic Anushthan Details
These Navgraha Vedic Anushthan are based on vedic mantra’s with specialized sound frequency of 5 to 11 yajurvedi pandit’s, are performed according to Muhurta based on Janmkundli.
Purest form of samagri (approx.100Kg.) are used for these Anushthan. These are performed at Ujjain and / or at Business centre of individual / organization.